Bridging Governance

Title: Bridging Governance
Author: 0xJustice.eth#6213
Date: Sep 21, 2022

As most of you know, we will be bridging our main governance token (the LIITA) from Avalanche to Ethereum very shortly. This introduces an interesting problem. How do we bridge governance?

I’m inviting community feedback on a transition plan that includes the following:

Stage 1 - Bridge Time
At the time of bridge, we add (Ethereum) LIITA to:

  • Snapshot
  • Discord
  • Clarity

Stage 2 - Grace Period

  • We retain both gates across our tooling for 30 days.
  • We can encourage and promote migration across our communication channels and provide ample warning of the cutover.

Stage 3 - Cutover

  • We remove (AVAX) LIITA as a gate from our tools and governance after the 30-day grace period

Any thoughts, objections, or concerns with this plan? Please elaborate below.

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I have not objections to removing AVAX as a governance token as soon as possible. If the intent is to move everything to Ethereum, we should encourage it as strongly as possible. Those who are engaged enough to be voting and participating in governance will know about the bridge anyway. Those who try to vote with AVAX after the cutoff won’t be too put out if we publicize the move/cutoff on Discord and Twitter and the voting forum itself.


I’m going to suggest we expand the grace period to the end of the year. Will mention that in a post of “ParticleDAO Season 1 Kickoff”