DAO Treasury Deposit

Title: DAO Treasury Deposit
Authors: 0xJustice.eth#6213, garold#6675
Date: Sep 16, 2022

The time has come. The Community has established the basic building blocks of operations and is ready to enter treasury management.

We propose we move 200 bridged Particles from Particle HQ to the DAO treasury and begin the process of incentivizing contributors to perform critical DAO operations and activities.

DAOs need funds to operate. Using NFTs for compensation is unorthodox and dramatically less explored operating patterns among DAOs. ParticleDAO will be a thought leader and pioneer in this space.

Things are different when tangible value is involved. By making this deposit, the Particle founders signal their commitment to the legitimacy and trust in the community and DAO org. The DAO takes on a responsibility to manage its resources and runway.

Next Steps
No governance is built around making deposits to the DAO treasury, so no vote is technically required. To this end, this post is less about getting incentives as it is about awareness and a call to preparedness.

What is the work to be done? How should that work be compensated? These are discussions that will become more relevant in the coming weeks.

Treasury Info

Multisig: Eth multisig: eth:0xC02a2bA6e0FFfb5379f1617348239B2b26872827


  • Justice - 0xJustice.eth#6213
  • Kenley - kenrom#7497
  • Xchpets - xchpets#0048
  • Char - Char#5447
  • Tyree - SwankyTiger#3293
  • Harold - garold#6675

I’m for the deposit – is this also where we should discuss the questions put forward in “next steps”? Or is this simply a request for comment on the deposit as a way to help the multisig folks learn to execute, etc.?

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This is a great first step and shows Particle’s commitment to the DAO.

Let’s hash out some details right here in the thread! What are your thoughts?

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Well, one thought I had was that it seems quite likely that work completed will not often be worth a full LIITA token. Can there be a system for partial token incentives? Fractionalized particles, if you will?

There could be tokens issued via however our soul-bound badges system ends up shaking out, then these tokens could be combined to redeem a particle from the treasury. Kind of like a Dave and Buster’s ticket redemption for a prize. This might be good because at some point the treasury will run out of particles and this system could be easily changed to allow for redemption of other types of compensation. Even if the treasury still has particles, some people might be more motivated by other rewards, like acknowledgment/kudos, a particle of one of our future acquisitions, or even allowlist access to a partner’s project. I don’t particularly like Outland Art’s interface for a variety of reasons (e.g., they only use wallet connect for some reason, their discord management for awards, rules, and clarity can be haphazard at times with such a small team, etc.), but they have an interesting points system where you can redeem points earned for items in the “shop.” Maybe this system can be adapted for our uses here.

Additionally: though the floor is low now, I would worry about how to price in a do-work-for-particles system. Would we use hours to complete, or some other metric to measure the difficulty and importance of the task? It would be nice and procedurally fair to have a document of some kind that points to X amount of work equates to Y rewards, so we’re not arbitrarily giving away particles.

Just a couple of ideas here for consideration when it comes to managing how work should be compensated.