Discord Reorg around the DAO

As it has been announced several times over the last few weeks, we need to reorg our server to align with the DAO construct and not a single NFT collection project. Assuming the LIITA is our governance token, this opens up some really interesting possibilities. See the attached Google doc for a first draft of what that reorg might look like. If there is interest in collaboration on this, we will kick off a working group to focus on this.

pDAO Discord Reorg first draft of a direction: pDAO Discord Reorg - Google Docs

@0xJustice.eth what would be the difference between the DAO channel and the Collectors Channel?

The “collectors chat” would become “DAO General.” There would effectively be two general chats, one unauthenticated for the public and one for authenticated LIITA holders (DAO proper).

Understood thank you. I don’t see anything wrong there.

How do you envisage working groups come together for the DAO?