ParticleDAO Acquisition Proposal (PAP) Template

The ParticleDAO Improvement Acquisition Template should be used to propose to works of art fro the community to acquire. See draft below:

Title: [PAP-N: Short name]
Draft Authors: [DISCORD HANDLES]


Sum up this proposal in a few bullet points or sentences.

Artist Background

What is unique about that artist that makes them a great candidate for the Particle ecosystem.

Art Piece Background

What is unique about this art piece that makes them a great fit into the Particle ecosystem.

Mission & Values Alignment

How does this project help the DAO achieve its mission and align with its values?

Brand Impact

How will the acquisition leverage or impact the Particle brand?

Financial Implications

Include details about funding requirements. You must include a detailed breakdown that explains how the funds will be allocated.

Success Metrics or KPIs

How will the acquisition success be measured?

Next Steps

Immediate action items, should this proposal be accepted

Proposal Submission Team Background

Who you are & disclose your interests in making the proposal

POLL (Discourse Post Usage Only)

Add a poll with a clear for or against position (e.g., Approve/Reject or Yes/No). You can include a “support direction but needs improvement” option, but that will be counted as a Reject/No vote for any funding purposes.

Include links to any other polls that have been conducted, such as discord polls to gauge support.

You can suggest any changes to this draft here:

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