ParticleDAO Mission Statement

ParticleDAO Mission Statement

Several LIITA holders came together to form the first working group of the newly formed ParticleDAO. They collaboratively produced the following mission statement:

The DAO’s mission is to:

  1. Democratize the collection, stewardship, and preservation of art for the Community
  2. Build value, derive utility, and drive growth for the Community collection
  3. Ensure that a good-faith relationship is created with artists in the curation of their works of art
  4. Create disruption to the traditional art market that makes art accessible to everyday people
  5. Pursue a world where artists benefit from their work and intellectual property in perpetuity

How does the community feel about this articulation of the DAOs mission?

  • Yes - Great mission statement!
  • No - Not good at all (please comment)
  • Needs more work (please comment)

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I have two questions: Why does this mission sound different from Particle’s mission? Why does the ParticleDAO mission not refer to Particle or Particle Foundation or LIITA? If I was someone with very new to hearing about ParticleDAO, would this mission give me a true sense of what the ParticleDAO is trying to do?


The reason this is different is because it was written for the community by the community. The mission of was written with the community at the center. If you care to read the background documents we can provide this for you or schedule time to discuss further.

For some additional context, this was written in a sequence. The first thing we produced was the “Declaration of the DAO” designed to assert some of the key issues we’ve seen with the project since its launch.

The second was the Mission Statement which was to illustrate that the community is here for Art, Artists, and a shared interest in collecting.

The third was a Purpose statement to illustrate a desire to work with Particle on improving the ecosystem, but also a determination to improve the situation holistically.

The forth was a Statement of Expectations outlining what the Genesis group felt was a strong reflection of the various things we wanted Particle to satisfy to continue to see wholehearted support of the product and the brand.

We were never really given a platform by Particle to release these statements to the community and create a dialogue around it. They were launched only partially, slightly out of context, and edited without our signoff. Keep in mind that the original statements I described above were all voted on by about 30 members of the Particle collector community.


One philosophy I see and find compelling is to have a mission that exists over both entities so they both can run in parallel under it without one or the other trying to subvert and control its counterpart. I suspect is a more common setup than we realize but we don’t realize it because it’s confiscated. Creates lose coupling but tight alignment. Open to alternative articulations but having one org rule the other just wasn’t working at all.

I had no intention of posting doctored versions. I just tried to post the newest of what I had. It is true there was no platform for making them visible to the broader community. It’s my hope and intention that this forum can act as that platform now. I’m very pleased to see some activity. This is the way it should have been from the very start.


Are there any substantive objections to the above mission statement? I’m not seeing any, even though some people have votes that it is still not good enough to start with.