ParticleDAO Season One Kickoff

Title: ParticleDAO Season 1 Kickoff
Author: 0xJustice.eth#6213
Date: Oct 7, 2022

We have a solid 3 months of groundwork behind us. I propose we officially kickoff seasonal thinking in our thinking. To this end, I’d propose we do so by having our first official season lasting till the end of the year:

Term: Starting from this week (Today) to Dec 23 (Solid 12 weeks) Leave the last week of Dec for holidays and planning of Season 2.

I would see the following as important operations achievements of the season:

  • Completion and maturity of handbook and onboarding process
  • Multisig Policy
  • Election process for both GG and Multisigners
  • Seasonal budget
  • Delineated Guilds
  • Operational Guild Guides’ responsibilities that would include:
    – Owning their respective Discord Channels
    – Weekly public office hrs (On the DAO calendar + recorded)
    – Meeting notes + Work on the task board (Clarity)
    – Ownership of the Guilds weekly community call slide

Next steps: Some kickoff community meetings to list our goals and subsequent milestones.

Open to questions/suggestions/ideas below!


Had a great conversation with @harold today about fleshing this out. Some of my thoughts from the call:

I propose that key individuals own specific lanes and do the following every week:

  • Hold one open office hrs in the community
  • Record the meeting (Craig bot)
  • Take notes and record tasks (Clarity)
  • Report on what has transpired with a slide or two in the weekly CC

A (hypothetical) Guild Guides (department head) role call:

  1. Operations - Kenley - Perfect Onboarding and Discord tools/gating. Our current onboarding is not ready if 100 new people showed up today.
  2. Governance - Justice - Finish the handbook and keep things moving on the forum.
  3. Content + Marketing - Tyree - What are our numbers on all content feeds? What pieces are going out, and how did the ones that went outperform?
  4. Community - Scooter - Weekly CC emcee, CC thread post, CC Mirror update, etc.
  5. Art + Acquisitions - Char - Keep the community educated and engaged with art talks and events.
  6. Engineering - Nacho - Create a sense of private access and influence to the community. Make particle owners feel they have exclusive access to influence the direction of the platform. No one has seen the designs yet. Can we change that?
  7. Tokenomics - Xchiapets - Regular analytical reports and help design our tokenomics roadmap.
  8. Legal / Bizdev - Harold - Education and private access to community members. What are the lawyers saying? How is this possible? What’s the biggest vision for what Particle is going to be?
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