PDAO-1: A Starter Governance System

PDAO-1: A Starter Governance System
Background: Proposed Beta Governance System for ParticleDAO
Author: 0xJustice

Building off the previous RFC and conversation here:

I propose we, as a community, move forward in our decision-making using the following system. This can and will change as we get bigger and manage more assets, but this will get the ball rolling in a low-risk way.

Step 1: Guage Interest

  • The first step in creating change is gauging the community’s interest or appetite. This happens in the community Discord. Polls can be taken, or general working groups formed to accomplish this.

Step 2: Community Invitation

  • After a basic working group has been created and a basic idea has been crafted, it is ready for visibility by the broader community. This can be done via the Community Forum. This creates broader visibility and an opportunity to provide feedback. Draft proposals should be posted under the “Request for Comment” (RFC) category.

Step 3: Formal Proposal

  • After people have had a chance to provide feedback and the proposal has been reworked to address any major objections, it’s ready to be officially posted as a governance proposal under the “Governance” category.
  • Formal proposals should be posted for 1 week, require no quorum, and pass via a majority vote.
  • All proposals must provide an opportunity to discuss them at a Community Call after they are posted and again before they go to Snapshot.

Step 4: Snapshot Vote

  • The final step is to post the vote to Snapshot.
  • Formal proposals should be posted for 1 week, require no quorum, and pass via token-weighted voting.
  • Yes - Let’s start with this
  • No - We can’t start with this

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Yes, I support this to get started. And I propose we start a draft of what the next version would look like so we don’t have to start from the beginning when things change and we need more protection from rogue whale actors. For example, when the DAO treasure reaches $50k, we should have a next version ready to be voted on.


sounds good to me as well.

should we get on a wokring group to start that next draft?

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