Proposal for One Year Anniversary Event

Proposal to Organize and Host Virtual Party for ParticleDAO
Particle has hosted a number in IRL events that are amazing but not everyone has been able to attend. The best way to host an event for more people to attend is virtually. Xchpets owns a very nice Penthouse in the metaverse on spatial and can do the work to setup and host a virtual event. The event can be token gated to Particle LIITA Holders (ETH) to keep the event intimate and fun. I have experience hosting events in my Penthouse on Spatial with the most recent being for the Fame Lady Squad.

Practice Event: Holiday party for team to practice and learn how it works. Week between Christmas and New Years. A good option might be 12/29/22 at noon central time.
Where: XCHPETS’ Dubai Penthouse on
Main Event: Celebrate one year anniversary of the start of the LIITA mint on 1/21/23. This is a Saturday with a start time of noon central time/6pm UTC. It will be a first come first serve up to first 50 holding LIITA (Ethereum version) NFT. The space will span additional instances every 50 attendees, but people can only hear those in the same instance. For those with 3D headsets, this can be an immersive event but works great on computers and even tablets (if you download the mobile app.) The audio works well to communicate with everyone but I have controls to mute everyone when the main speaker is talking. Plus, I can play music and share a video/screen.

XCHPETS LLC fee to setup and manage the event: $4,000 USD
What is covered in this fee: Graphics for marketing event, graphic for special Mint Kudos, creation of special graphics and 3D models, event technical support for attendees, setup and running the virtual event, training of users, and setup and running below activities during the event. Running a successful event in the metaverse requires multiple staff before and during the event. Total time spent by staff on this event will exceed 60 hours.

Activities/schedule of events for 1/21 Anniversary Event:
• 0-10min: Welcome/support/mingle/music/explore
• 10-15min: Thank you and welcome by founders of Particle and excitement for next 12 months
• 15-20min: Fun race from theater to hot tub on roof
• 20-30min: Talk by Banksy Collector and first encounter with artist over YouTube or Zoom
• 30-40min: Community Tearing (revealing) of an ultra-rare Vhils’ Layers NFT #742
• 40-45min: Giveaway of Particle NFT (from Particle DAO Vault) to person at the party who can guess the correct (or closest) number of circles in a Tyler Hobbs’ QQL.
• 45-end: Claim special MintKudos by posting QR code on wall so can link to from phone (link also available in info of image)
• Optional activities for people during event: Search and find Banksy related things in space; Portal to Alethea AI NFT who will tell you your fortune (will leave space); dance with virtual avatar on dance floor; Selfies with Banksy Santa- a live virtual Santa for people to take selfies with.