Simulcast Collector's Call

Title: Simulcast Collector’s Call
Author: 0xJustice.eth#6213
Date: Nov 18, 2022

Our weekly collectors call is open to everyone on the Discord server. It is not limited to DAO members. This is done intentionally to use that weekly meeting as advertising and a call to action for people to join the DAO.

The only way to hear the call is to be in our Discord server. Discord is not the most user-friendly tool for the uninitiated. Our target audience is art lovers who may not have experience with Discord, Web3, or DAOs.

I propose we consider including other social platforms in our mix. I think it would be powerful if we could leverage all of these simultaneously, if possible:

  • Discord (People can verbally comment)
  • Youtube Live (People can text comment)
  • Twitter Spaces (Will show its happening, and it opens to things being able to be tweeted)

Questions to consider:

  1. Should our build-in-the-open pattern be modified at all? How if so?
  2. Can we more clearly articulate the benefits of joining the DAO from the call?
  3. What would a simulcast require technically and operationally to be done with excellence?
  4. What could we do the ease the onboarding process for people who want to learn more? Clearer membership levels?
  5. Any other channels we should consider?

I recognize this would not be trivial, but attracting a traditional audience to We3 is not trivial either. I think we’ll need to think differently than other DAOs if we are going to succeed. Please post in the comments your thoughts on the matter.


We should definitely do this on every channel. Because that means reaching more people.

Yes some roles on discord should become more niche. Even though I am not from Particle Team, I would like to see myself in roles such as Content Creator because I produce content. There must also be more stimulating roles. For example, everyone who shows their support on social media channels can be given the role of “Social Particle”. And when this community acts together, it will become a force in social media. The role of ‘‘Particle Friends’’ can be considered for institutions. Particle Friends’ logos can be displayed on their website.

First, I like the idea of mapping some traditional names/aspects of museum and fine art terms onto our setup (e.g., “friend of” / “Particle Friends”).

Regarding some of Justice’s other suggestions/inquiries:

  1. I believe in the build-in-the-open ethos and I believe it should be paramount. It’s what separates us from so many other projects, especially ones that dwindle away with no explanation (at best) or are rug pulls (at worst). Building in the open is important in Web3 but also in the fine art space if we are to execute on our mission of making fine art more accessible.

  2. In the call, I think we’d benefit from pitching our DAO concisely in the beginning, perhaps along with a Collector Call agenda/road map. For instance, we could say “our Collector Calls follow XYZ structure where we first cover something fun and interesting in the web3 space, then give DAO updates, and finally cover something from the fine art world. To get more involved, consider getting a LIITA token – our genesis token that represents both DAO stewardship of the Banksy we own and access to future DAO/collective action to obtain and manage fine art. We provide more information on how to get a LIITA and join the fun at the end of this slide deck and on our website at XYZ.” Something like that would help a more traditional person who stumbles across our videos on youtube or twitter and is tailored more to a non-native web3 audience.

  3. Not that techy, sorry.

  4. I think a lot will be solved when we have our webpage up and running. I don’t love TRLab’s [] webpage design (for instance, they often have a new project that takes you to a whole new domain and looks entirely different from their main official page), but one thing they do well is a central way to connect your wallet and see your “leaderboard” [Leaderboard - TRLab] and what pieces of theirs you own, etc. Non-web3-native folks are unlikely to do more than connect their wallets to OpenSea, if that. If we have a way to see clear membership levels based on ThriveCoin, number of tokens owned, variety of tokens owned (once we have multiple pieces), length of time held, length of time held without listing, etc. and have it be one click on our web page, that would be huge.
    Another site I respect in this space is Outlander [Criticism Archives - Outland] because they also engage in art criticism and think pieces. We’re already doing that ourselves with the excellent articles from our community members, and we have a “blog” link on our webpage but I think that Outland’s approach offers an interesting model because they seem to be split ~70-30 in terms of content production and art/partnership procurement, which gives them lots of art credibility. They also really emphasize their content over the projects – in the web2 space I see a whole lot more about their interviews with artists and criticism pieces and in the web3/discord arena I see more emphasis on their NFTs. This split seems to work for them and may work for us as we are also trying to bridge the gap to attract the attention of regular people interested in art but who may not have time or interest in joining discord.
    We have the expertise to do something similar. I think we could even do criticism/art content + DAO-trendsetting content/reflection and really emphasize it on our website. Being a content producer is a signal of legitimacy to many normies, and it will also drive traffic to our site and socials eventually. Justice, I really enjoy hearing your insights on DAO functionality – being a web2 content producer of DAO-related reflections could be as simple as a weekly jotting down of those thoughts or whatever you put into the CC. There’s very nearly nothing out there on a regular webpage and more and more regular people are interested in DAOs so with some SEO we could attract people that way too.

  5. I like ogulcan’s suggestion of a distinction of social and content channels, especially if we pursue a more content creation emphasis to attract “regular” people. While they are related, I think it would be important to have a focus on quality in the content and let the social channel focus on quantity and outreach.

This is all really exciting. Right now, I believe DAOs and art are two of the best use cases for blockchain generally, and we’re smack in the middle of both.



I’m all for getting Particle in front of more people. I personally don’t like using Twitter space for working groups because it requires you to be on a mobile device to talk. Being on mobile makes it hard to see what is on the screen. Plus, there is no central text conversation. Twitter spaces is great for a few people giving an update to a broad audience. It feels like we are still in a building phase where we need more interaction and input during calls and I feel it will be much harder to do this on Twitter. I would vote for YouTube before Twitter because you can have a chat built in to the call and it is easier to join on PC. What would be ideal is holding the meeting in YouTube live but also being able to broadcast it on a Twitter space. I’ve researched this quickly and the only way I can find is to use a mobile devices to record your computer screen watching the YouTube video (not ideal!) Until we can figure out a better solution, my recommendation is to either stay in Discord or switch to YouTube.

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I respect your opinion mate, but I have something to add about Twitter Spaces. All followers of people who join Space see a purple ring around their spaces profile. In other words, if an account with high followers joins, it may attract the attention of other followers. It will be beneficial for the growth of social media accounts. Also, most NFT users are on Twitter and we shouldn’t miss this power. Let’s even NFT the social media profile photos of the DAO and the Particle Collection using Twitter Blue.

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Twitter Pros:

  • More eyeballs
  • More guest speakers

YouTube Pros:

  • Same visual format

@KeNroM can you pipe the audio of a spaces to Youtube Live? (I know, its a little crazy lol)

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